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Why You Should Have a Gun Safe

If you own a gun, you should have it in a gun safe. In most states, this is the law. However, for most responsible gun owners, they are already aware of this fact. This serves to protect others and the owner from harm of intentionally or accidentally being harmed. As a gun owner, if you are going to be able to legally own your gun, you must comply with state laws requiring that your firearm be locked in a gun safe. Unfortunately, at AA Locksmith Woodstock in Woodstock, GA we have seen the results of not owning a gun safe and they are tragic. Here are more reasons why you should have a gun safe for your firearms: 


This is an important reason to own a gun safe. Consider that that your gun could be picked up by a burglar and they could cause harm to someone with it. There are a ton of scenario’s that we can think that could occur that are not good. If they were suddenly surprised by something, they could accidently shoot the gun, harming or killing someone who was in the area. Also, if a child happens to get their hands on your firearm, not knowing that it is real, they may pull the trigger, killing or harming someone. In fact, they may not just harm someone else, they could cause harm to themselves.  

There are some people that like to put their firearms on display and might keep them in a glass cabinet. This isn’t the same as a gun safe because a glass case could easily be broken. There are some practical types of gun safes that you should discuss with a Woodstock locksmith, which will be suitable for safety. 

Protects Your Rights 

As a gun owner, you have rights. Gun activists argue that guns are dangerous no matter who has it. They believe that a gun in the hands of anyone is a threat to the public. These same activists feel that even those law-abiding gun owners are evil and not responsible enough to own a gun. If an incident should occur involving a gun, they believe they have proven their claim. This doesn’t matter whether the problem is fatal or not. Also consider that the media would love nothing more than to blast the incident all over the television, especially if the incident involved a child. Protecting your 2nd Amendment rights means that you must be compliant with gun laws. 

Keeps Away from Children 

In order to prevent children from getting a hold of a gun, 27 states have enacted the law that requires that firearms be locked away. If your firearms are not locked up, there are penalties that will be incurred. The amount will vary from state to state. When you are found to be irresponsible by not keeping your gun in a safe, you could face serious charges. This is usually what occurs when a child is found with a gun and is harmed or harms someone else. By law, gun owners in specific states, are required by law to keep guns locked up at all times. Even if you don’t have a child, you could still be affected. Just consider if a friend’s children are playing at your home and they get their hands on your gun and it goes off. You would have an awful lot of explaining to do. 

Firearm Locksmith Device Laws 

If you don’t have children, you still have to have a gun safe if you are a firearm owner. This is the law in most states. In at least eleven states, gun owners must also have a locking device after they purchase their firearms. The District of Columbia is one of the states that make it mandatory for firearm owners to have a firearm locking device. California gun owners have to meet the safety standards put in place by the California Department of Justice before they will be able to legally own a firearm. If you are thinking about purchasing a firearm, check your state laws beforehand. 

Keep from an Intruder 

If you experience a break-in, you can assume that the intruder is breaking in because they want whatever you have that is of value to them. If they notice that you have a gun, they will take it. Since they can get a lot of money for a gun on the streets, it is likely one of those things that they will easily grab, if found. If someone were to steal your gun and use it, you could be held responsible for the harm that could come to anyone who is harmed due to your firearm being used. You don’t have to take unnecessary chances with someone being harmed by your firearm, as long as you have your firearm safely locked away in a gun safe. If you don’t want any criminal charges brought against you, you have to take this very seriously and make sure that if you have any firearms, they are safely stored away. 

Insurance Limits 

Many homeowners think that their homeowner’s insurance covers them in the even that their gun is stolen, only to find out that it isn’t. In some cases, even if it is, there is a limit to how much the insurance company will pay you for your loss; which usually isn’t the actual value of your firearm. Make sure that you are aware of the limit of the gun coverage being offered by your insurance company in your homeowner’s policy. Some policies cover fire damages but not the theft of your gun. If the gun is kept in a safe, there is a chance that you don’t even have to be concerned with this because a theft usually won’t take the time to try to figure out how to get inside a safe in order to steal your gun. This is just one more advantage to owning a gun safe.